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Gentle and safe acupuncture treatments by midwife: Safe and effective. Also possible to have acupressure guidance for self-care.

About Anu

From hospital midwifery to Heket, House of Midwives and House of Acupuncture

I graduated in 1990 as a midwife and got to work at the Kätilöopisto Hospital. I became interested in Chinese medicine and graduated as a TCM acupuncture therapist in 1998. My children were born in 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2007. With my own experiences (pregnancies, births and menopause), a new perspective was opened up to human resources and internal body knowledge. In 2009 was born entrepeneur company named Heket, under which I am still working. In 2014, Heket and Yebomama merged into the House of Midwives. In 2018 House of Acupuncture was born, which specializes in acupuncture treatments and Chinese medicine training.

Anu is a gentle, skillful and safe midwife. In addition, he has a profound and comprehensive knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. And has produced well-being in preventative and acute illnesses.

Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

Midwifery Acupuncture Helps

Pregnancy Discomfort

Like nausea, swelling, heart burning, back pain, hemorrhoids, constipation, insomnia etc.

Prepairing for Birth

Balances mama´s body, matures cervix and the whole body for labour.

Postpartum Discomfort

Eases breastfeeding problems, helps to recovery from birth and pregnancy.

Menopause discomfort

Eases all sorts of ailments.

Why Choose Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps in all life-phases

TCM acupuncture approaches ailments holistically. It is based on balance within person and does not separate physical and mental ailments. The goal of acupuncture is to move the life-force, Qi.

Don´t hesitate to book an acupuncture sessio by Anu Lampinen via 050-301 9631 or anu (ät)

House of Acupuncture

The Best of Acupuncture





Stress Relief


Calm mind


More oxytocin hormone


Prevent and treat diseases






Treatment Intensity

In acute ailments treatments should be twice weekly, in chronic ailments once a week.

Usually you can be prepared for a set of treatments

  • 3-6 treatments with mild ailments
  • 6-12 treatments with multiple ailments or a larger problem
  • 12-24 treatments with multiple large ailments

The number of treatments needed varies depending on how you initially respond to it. Sometimes one single treatment can be helpful.

Treatment and Afterlife

When you come to the appointment I will chart your ailments – when they began, where they are felt) and I will listen to different pulses. I will make a diagnosis based on the principals of Chinese Medicine and treat you accordingly.

During the acupuncture treatment you can lie or sit. Sometimes the needles or acupoints can be heated with moxibustion or gua-sha can be used.

How the treatment is felt

Acupuncture needles are tiny, so inserting the needles is barely be felt. Once the needles are in their places you may feel a slight pressure or heat but no pain.

After the treatment

After a treatment you may feel drowsy. The ailments should fade away within a day. Sometimes you feel very tired afterwards, but the ailments should not strengthen. You should take it easy after treatment and avoid swimming, bathing and excessive physical activity.


Side effects of acupuncture

Possible side-effects from acupuncture treatment may be a bruise, a drop of blood when withdrawing the needle or a slight red ring around the place of puncture. Very rarely and when unprofessionally treated: lung puncture, infection at puncture site if aseptic practise has not been applied or a needle breaks.

House of Acupuncture and Heket

Anu, Values and Vision

Anu Lampinen

Anu Lampinen

midwife, acupuncturist

Midwife since 1990

Acupuncturist since 1998

Breastfeeding counsellor

My motto is ” Love is the most important.”





Woman centered care


Blossoming with own strenght



House of Acupuncture promote holistic clinical practice by offering individual services to women and families.


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